Global Citizen

Medium Roast
Whole Bean
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Employ a Haitian to reforest by planting 4 trees in Haiti.

This delicious whole bean full-city roast (medium roast), when brewed in any format, will give you exciting taste notes such as Nuts, Berries, and Chocolate with a booming full-body impact and a fine citric acidity. Grown, ethically at a farm with over 40 modern homes for workers including amenities, between 1000 - 1220 meters above sea level in the state of São Paulo. Global Citizen will welcome you with a lasting first impression and a noticeable global impact. Proudly roasted in Canada.

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When you buy our coffee, you join the fight against poverty and deforestation in Haiti. Allowing us to support our partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, who employs impoverished Haitians to plant trees in Haiti.