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Coffee To Your Door.

Top quality coffee and a reliable subscription serving rich coffee right to your doorstep every month. Convenience is bliss.

Down with poverty. up with trees.

Passively fight poverty and deforestation. Not 1 tree or 10 trees but 36 trees for 3 hours of work. Real impact. Consistently every month.

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Good people. Great community.

Your friend signed up because you suggested it? You take 10% of the revenue.

Global Citizen

This delicious full-city roast, when brewed in any format, will give you exciting taste notes such as Nuts, Berries, and Chocolate with a booming full-body impact and a fine citric acidity. Grown ethically at a farm with over 40 modern homes for workers including amenities, between 1000 - 1220 meters above sea level in the state of São Paulo, Global Citizen will welcome you with a lasting first impression and noticeable global impact.

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Our Polaris Tri-Star


Every Citizen subscription sold will employ an impoverished person in Haiti, at the national minimum wage, to plant 36 trees. Haiti has a little over 60% poverty rate. They could use some help.


Nothing more can be said about the importance of our planets trees. From carbon sequestration to biodiversity, we all need the trees. We need our forests back.


We affirm, that the state of well being in the world is great for a few but harsh for many. If you are someone who believes that planet and people should come first. L'Ouverture Coffee was founded for you.

Canadian Emissions

Canada's green house emissions in 2010 were 20.3 tonnes per capita - The Conference Board of Canada
A year subscription with L'Ouverture Coffee produces 2.5 tonnes of Co2 sequestration. A far cry from making you carbon neutral but a good step towards a sustainable planet.

Eden Reforestation Projects in Haiti

To fight poverty and deforestation, we must provide opportunities that counter them, with zero dependency. The value to society is enormous when you think about lives saved. Learn how our partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, is making that happen in Haiti.
Trees Planted
Work Hours

Our Mission

Become an impact business model that will grow the global middle class through coffee.

Our goal is to gather 2,000 people that love the idea of their coffee fighting poverty and deforestation, to help us plant 3 million trees and generate 30,000 hours of work by 2028.

And eventually becoming community owned by Canadians.