Eden Reforestation Projects

We are excited to be a partner of a non-profit organization called Eden Reforestation Projects. To this date we've helped plant 3500 trees in Haiti and provided 280 hours of employment for impoverished people living there. We seriously love these humble, loving people and believe that they are on the right path, so we think it is necessary that they get all the support they need. Check out the video above to learn more about what they do.

We infused our business model with a social-environmental objective and Eden Projects helps us achieve that. For every purchase of Global Citizen we give a portion of the revenue to help Eden Projects employ people in Haiti to seed, plant and protect 4 trees in Haiti. Are you a subscriber?

Eden Reforestation Projects employs natives of a deforested country to plant the trees necessary for their survival and future growth of their economy and people. So, it is more than just the global environment that is positively impacted by the planting of trees. The natives of these lands can sustain themselves by gaining meaningful employment that helps them put their children through school and put food on the table.

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Canadian Emissions

Canada's green house emissions in 2010 were 20.3 tonnes per capita - The Conference Board of Canada
A pound a month of L'Ouverture Coffee produces 576 pounds of Co2 sequestration. A far cry from making you carbon neutral but a good step towards a sustainable planet.

Eden Reforestation Projects in Haiti

To fight poverty and deforestation, we must provide opportunities that counter them, with zero dependency. The value to society is enormous when you think about lives saved. Learn how our partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, is making that happen in Haiti.

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