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A Citizen is an upstanding, moral & ethical person who wants the best for themselves, their neighbor and the planet.
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Imagine having free coffee for life and making extra money while helping to employ someone living in extreme poverty conditions ($1.23 per day) to work 3 hours per month, paid at their national minimum wage, to plant 36 trees... cool right? Look at it this way, that's half of their yearly income in just 36 hours! This begins their journey of escaping poverty. Get your buddies to become Citizen members and you can boost a village out of poverty completely in a couple years!

Our goal is to get to 2,000 monthly Citizen subscriptions which equals 72,000 trees + 6,000 hours per month. We need your help! Haiti needs your help! We are offering you 10% revenue per month for a minimum of 2 years, when you bring on board a subscriber. Take advantage of this great opportunity, it won't be around forever.
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