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8 Types Of Popular Coffee Drinks

Junior Racine
June 17, 2019

8 Types Of Popular Coffee Drinks

Coffee is one of the world's leading beverages, and it is simply a delight to enjoy. It can be manipulated in a bunch of different ways to give you a variety of drinks. Coffee lovers would agree that many times, we tend to simply stick to what we know when it comes to coffee. This decision could be just by default, or it could be because there are so many options to choose from sometimes that we may wind up confused about what we want. There is also the fact that some of us just like our coffee to taste a certain way, and we do not want to change that. Regardless of your reasons for choosing whatever brew of coffee you enjoy, what really matters, in the end, is the essence of coffee itself being evident in your drink. From the smell to the taste and even to that kick that it gives you. You simply want your coffee to be just that, coffee first.

Over the years, different types of coffee have originated from different parts of the world, from Italy to Australia, America, and even Ireland. Different people brew their coffee indifferent ways. Despite this differentiation in brews, there are certain types of coffee that are enjoyed all over the world regardless of their origin. These are the types of coffee that we are going to explore today.


This particular drink is one that originates from Italy. It is usually used as a base when preparing many of the other coffee drinks that we enjoy; however, it is also a drink that can be enjoyed by itself. The espresso drink is sometimes referred to as short black, and this is basically what it is, short bursts of black coffee. This drink has a higher level of caffeine concentration than regular coffee. It is made by forcing almost boiling water to pass through ground coffee beans under pressure. The resulting brew is usually thicker and very concentrated. It is quite popular around the world and is just perfect for that extra jolt of caffeine.

Café Americano

This is probably the most basic type of coffee there is. It is simply served and enjoyed plain black. The name Americano is one that suggests this beverage originated from America and rightly so. It came about during the Second World War when the American soldiers would add hot water to their coffee to make the drink last longer. Apparently, they did it right, and it stuck, it then got adopted by some American baristas and viola, your standard café Americano. This drink is made by adding some boiling hot water to a shot of espresso coffee. This brew has about the same strength of your regular drip coffee; however, you will find that the flavor is quite different.

Long Black

This drink is one that is native to Australia and can be regarded as the Australian version of the café Americano. Despite its similarity to the Americano, this drink is considered one for experienced coffee drinkers. It entails hot water like its American counterpart, and two shots of espresso, unlike its American counterpart which uses just one shot. This drink is strong and gives that extra caffeine kick. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted coffee drinker.

Café Latte

This is another native Italian coffee drink. It is made by simply adding frothy milk to espresso. You can use a shot or more of espresso depending on how strong you want the drink to be. This drink is one that is recommended for people who want to enjoy the strength of coffee without having to endure the natural taste of the coffee itself. The milk gives the drink a different texture and taste and makes it more pleasing to consume, especially for those who do not enjoy the naturally bitter taste of the coffee.

Flat White

This is a native of Australia, much like the long black. Many times, it is mistaken for a latte mainly because it is basically made in the same way as a latte and this mistake is one that can be quite frustrating to the native coffee drinkers of Australia when they are overseas. The major difference between this drink and a latte is the simple fact that this drink is made using the smooth milk that is usually found at the bottom of the milk jug rather than the frothy milk which is preferred in a latte. The difference in the consistency of the milk used is what gives both drinks their different preferred textures.


If you guessed that this is anItalian coffee drink, then you guessed right. This is a drink made in layers and filled with rich textures and taste. First, you have your base which is al ayer of espresso; then you have your layer of steamed milk which counters the taste of the espresso, after this comes to the top layer which is foamy milk and then, you have a little extra finishing in the form of chocolate powder. This drink is perfect for when you need that caffeine kick, but you also want to enjoy it on a rainy morning.


This is another favorite from Italy and also a perfect brew to help introduce a coffee novice to the world of coffee. This is much like the cappuccino in the sense that it is made in layers and also is infused with different tastes and textures. This drink is first layered with a healthy helping of chocolate followed by the basic layer of espresso after which comes a layer of milk and lastly, a layer of whipped cream. This drink is the perfect cross between your classic hot chocolate and your classic coffee. It just sits perfectly in the middle.

Irish Coffee

If you are looking for a pick me up in the morning, this brew is definitely not for you. It may be coffee but trust me; this brew would be sending you straight to the sack if you are not careful with it. This coffee is not typically sold at coffee shops; in fact, a regular barista may not know how to prepare it; you would rather get it at bars and restaurants. This is because the Irish coffee is made of three distinct layers; the first layer contains the regular base of coffee drinks, the espresso, followed by a generous layer of rich Irish whiskey and lastly, it is topped with a nice layer of whipped cream. In fact, I think it is safe to say that this drink is more of a cocktail than an actual coffee drink. It was first invented in the winter of 1940 when Joe Sheridan Foynes decided it would be a good idea to add some Irish whiskey to his coffee after the disembarking of his American passengers.

With so many countries producing coffee beans and so many other countries brewing them, is it really a wonder that there are so many types of coffee in the world? I think not. Coffee is a very flexible drink as we can see and can be enjoyed in so many different ways based on personal preference. How do you enjoy yours?

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