Our Story

Named after the “Black Napoleon” hero of Haiti, Toussaint Louverture, and modeled around his character and values, L’Ouverture Coffee is an ambassador of peace, prosperity, and freedom. We chose to fight poverty and deforestation through coffee because we saw an opportunity to create a positive impact on the lives of Haitians and their surroundings in a scalable and sustainable way. Although Haiti is a beautiful country with beautiful people and amazing tourist attractions, it is still a very long way from where it can be. Our mission is to help get it as close to paradise as it ought to be.

L’Ouverture Coffee was founded, in Calgary, Canada, by Junior (Jay) Racine, not just out of the goodness of his heart but out of a feeling of responsibility. Being born to parents that immigrated to Canada from Haiti and raised with amazing stories of suffering and courage, it was hard not to dwell on possible solutions to the problem. What was more difficult was finding a solution that could be executed an infinite amount of times while not diminishing its effect. L’Ouverture Coffee came about as the simplest and most effective method he could establish as an average man with average means.

Although there are many different types of products that would have also suited our method, coffee came out as the obvious choice after discovering Mr. Racine’s heritage in the coffee trade. Speaking with his father about what he was considering to do, Mr. Racine discovered that his great-grandfather was a coffee farmer in Haiti. This sparked a light of inspiration that may never fade. Now, with dreams of one day inheriting lost lands in Haiti, he looks forward to breathing new life into Haiti’s coffee market and bringing good ethical standards to the country through its farmers. For this reason, L’Ouverture Coffee only buys directly from farmers that treat their workers with the highest standards resulting in excellent ethical coffee.

Brazilian coffee farm that supplies L'Ouverture Coffee
Our premium Brazilian coffee, Global Citizen, is supplied by a farm that demonstrates a prime example of high ethical coffee farming. The workers here are treated to luxuries that the majority of the worlds coffee producers don't enjoy.