Our Story - Our Mission

Great people, strong people, noble and humble - are fighting for the things that make this life worth living. One of the most recognizable of all these people is Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. These good people are working hard to combat poverty and climate change in the places and for the people who suffer the consequences the most. L'Ouverture Coffee was founded to join that fight!

We formed this company with the intention that it will assist in bringing more people of the world into the important fight of our generation and maybe every generation that will come. The fight against poverty and deforestation.

We believe that there are 3 types of people in the world.

Those that fight.

Those that help them that fight.

Those that do nothing.

Very Brief History of Haiti

Haiti, the first independent "black" republic after liberating themselves from slavery, was once responsible for half of the worlds coffee at one time in history between the 1700s and 1800s. But the country faced many difficult situations which destroyed their economy. After the uprising of African slaves who fought 3 colonial powers ultimately lead to the victory of freedom, the nation of warriors unfortunately suffered many overwhelming problems; the burning of many plantations, the American occupation, the reparation to the French empire, coffee leaf rust disease, natural disasters and corrupt violent dictators... it seems Haiti was doomed to an everlasting existence of suffering.

Fast Forward

Now we find ourselves in the 21st century, where life on the western hemisphere is hopeful and bright. Yet many still face poverty, injustice and discrimination. Haiti is most widely known as the poorest country on the western hemisphere. Where 60% of the population live in poverty and 25% of that are living under extreme poverty...  On top of that we are facing the ever-growing threat of climate change, our arctic glaciers are melting at incredibly fast rates which leads to rising water levels that threaten the lives of millions, Haiti's 2% forest coverage doesn't help. We have insanely high amounts of carbon floating in our atmosphere while at the same time around 80% of the world's forests have been cut down. A recipe for disaster.

Enter: L'Ouverture Coffee Ltd.

Proudly owned by Junior Racine, a 2nd generation Haitian-Canadian.

L'Ouverture Coffee started selling on August 1st, 2019. The mission when it all began was to fight the good fight for those who can't. It was about reducing Haiti's poverty rate while reducing effects of climate change by way of reforestation. We  start off by donating a generous amount of our profits to our non-profit partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, who then employs impoverished Haitians to plant 4 trees per bag of coffee in their country. It doesn't take much imagination to fathom the myriad of benefits to the people, the land and their economy.

Our First goal? 3 million trees by 2028...!

Planting 3 million trees by 2028 is a highly ambitious goal for a company still in its infancy, but wiser minds have taught the world that it is good to have overarching goals, we adopted that concept. Those 3 million trees roughly translate to 30,000 work days at Haiti's national minimum wage of $5.11 per day. This does not include the wage increases and the food trees they will be given to take home from which they could use or sell.

Our Second Goal

To grow demand for Haitian coffee in the international coffee market by providing to our customers the best of Haitian coffee. Our plan is to support the coffee farmers of Don Don, Haiti, who are responsible for Haiti's highest grade coffee. People who have tasted Haiti's best coffee have given it cupping scores between 83 and 86 (which is premium and high quality). We would like to see that Haitian coffee represents 5% to 10% of Haiti's GDP.

Haiti's Future

Pushing to achieve goals like this will have tremendous benefits for a large number of people. The work on singling the trees will employ locals in Haiti; the cover produced by the acacias will create optimal shade for fruit trees and coffee plants to grow; the natural breathing of the trees will absorb and sequester carbon that is polluting the atmosphere. The revival of Haiti's coffee industry will always help raise the country out of poverty and shed its most recognize nickname as "the poorest country on the western hemisphere". All in all, a worthwhile endeavour.

We know it all sounds crazy... but only the crazies get close enough to actually achieve anything great.