Coffee vs. Poverty

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All of our coffee beans will be hand picked and sorted by Haitian coffee farmers who have been farming coffee for generations. Giving you a premium coffee.

Social Impact

Coffee should do more then energize the body and line the pockets of corporations. The benefits should be felt everywhere.


Every pound sold will employ an impoverished person in Haiti to plant 8 trees in the deforested country. Saving lives and creating opportunities.

Direct Trade

Fair trade is great. But there is also Direct Trade. Cutting out the middle man and dealing directly with farmers is how to ensure farmers get a good deal for their coffee.

The Company

L'Ouverture Coffee Ltd. isn't just another coffee brand. We are the "avant garde" in Canada for using the worlds favorite beverage to fight the worlds biggest problems.


Compliment your premium, morally superior coffee with exquisite premium coffee kitchenware. All coffee cups and coffee makers contribute to the fight against poverty.

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Grown at over 1200 meters above sea level, Haiti's Blue Pine coffee delivers exceptional quality and a variety of taste notes. Blue Pine is 100% organic and is grown by the COOPACVOD cooperation in Haiti. A pound of coffee from L'Ouverture Coffee will not only pay the farmers a premium but also employs others from that region to plant trees - reforesting Haiti's bare landscape, fighting poverty and slowing climate change.

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